The One Show

Merit - Interactive Advertising (Dove: Thought Before Action)

London International Awards
Shortlist - Innovative Use of Online Film (Brita: Walkumentary)

Advertising & Design Club of Canada
Merit - Media Innovation & Promo (Budweiser: Red Light Helmets)
Silver - Interactive Miscellaneous (Dove: Thought Before Action)
Merit - Media Innovation & Promo (Dove: Thought Before Action)

Marketing Awards
Bronze - Creative Use of Technology (Dove: Thought Before Action)

The Webby Awards
Winner - Best Use of Online Media (Dove: Thought Before Action)

Clio Sports Awards
Silver - Direct (Budweiser: Red Light Helmets)

Applied Arts
Advertising - Pro Bono (Interval House: Alternate Ending)
Advertising - Public Service (Interval House: Alternate Ending)
Interactive - Branded Content (Skullcandy: Full Volume Films)
Interactive - Branded Content (Budweiser: Red Light Helmets)
AACE Finalist - Advertising (Dove: Thought Before Action)
Interactive - Branded Content (Dove: Thought Before Action)
Interactive - Viral (Dove: Thought Before Action)
Advertising - Branded Content (Dove: Thought Before Action)
Interactive - Integrated Campaign (Dove Men: Made For Men)

Canadian Marketing Association
Bronze - Direct Engagement (Interval House: Alternate Ending)
Bronze - Direct Engagement (Bud Light: Bud Light Living)
Gold - Direct (Dove: Thought Before Action)
Silver - Loyalty (Dove: Thought Before Action)
Silver - Advertising (Dove Men: Made For Men)
Silver - Community Engagement (Dove Men: Made For Men)
Silver - Integrated (Dove Men: Made For Men)

Bronze - Off To A Good Start (Dove Men: Made For Men)
Bronze - New Brand Positioning (Leon’s: Part Of The Family)
Bronze - Building Brand Equity (Leon’s: Part Of The Family)

International Echo Awards
Silver - Consumer Product (Dove: Thought Before Action)
Silver - Product Manufacturing (Dove Men: Made For Men)

Globe & Mail Young Lions Competition
Gold - Print (YMCA)
Bronze - Print (Cape Farewell)

Ads of the World
Gold - Best Online (Dove: Thought Before Action)